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Customs Clearance Services

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Import and export, which are the most important issues for trade, take place within the framework of a set of rules determined by the countries themselves or internationally. The fulfillment of the domestic and international acceptance functions of a product is called customs clearance.

The importance of customs clearance is related to the service of a company at a global level. In particular, the biggest goal of companies serving in commercial businesses such as raw materials is to offer a worldwide sales. Likewise, meeting the product need from abroad is an important phenomenon for the country. It is a very important issue for government systems that aim to prevent some inconvenient situations where a product may exit the country and to generate income by collecting taxes from exported or imported products.

Due to the customs clearance structure, it includes many details and takes place in different forms. Area Logistics, which is ready to offer all kinds of customs clearance procedures to your service with its expert staff, always works on the principle of quality and speed.

We provide strict import, export and transfer services in the fastest and most convenient conditions.

Domestic and International Customs Clearance Services

  • Import-related customs clearance
  • Export related customs clearance
  • Transit transactions
  • Foreign trade transactions
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